my name is Amie Guidry.
i am a web and graphic designer, and this is my design playground.
go... play

Web Design + Fun

How do you keep up with the interwebs?

Creative design and advertising combined with strategic experience in the digital landscape is a one, two punch sure to knock the socks off your clients. Trough my years I have learned that ingenuity, respect, and hard work are requirements at the start of any new endeavor. Problems happen; you have to learn to adapt and solve. Each person is different, and if you truly listen to your clients, then you will earn their respect. You have to be willing to go the distance and put in the hours.

From agencies, to DIY sites, you can now find a solution that fits your needs and budgets. But, how do you find what you want with so many options to choose from? What is connivence worth to you? What about time and cost? Many factors come into play when choosing to build a website either for your business or fun. This is why I act as a partner to my clients, guiding and advising on each step in the process. Do not be afraid to be unique and to ask for exactly what you want.

SEM, SEO, PPC, PPL, ROI, what? Let's work to keep it simple. I have been working in digital marketing for 5+ years and the ever growing amount of acronyms can confuse the best of us. I thoroughly enjoy the industry with it's ever changing landscape and plot twists. I follow several blogs and twitter accounts to try to stay on top of it all. Checking out the latest Google SERP tests, and checking in with Bing and Yahoo on their attempts to go local.

My Skills

My Web Developer Skills